Your mandala for the day

This week is the festival of Divali in India. It’s the most important holiday of the year, a festival of lights. It’s a good moment for a memory from my trip last year.

There are places in India where the woman of the house arises each morning and creates a new and different mandala on the dirt floor outside her door. This is one of three I saw in the small village of Nimaj, remote enough to have no electricity, no telephone and no running water except the shared village pump. It is the only one which is symmetrical.
Of course I love this because of the mandala, and I love seeing that these women do these freehand just as I do mine. But more importantly, I love the whole idea of creating a new expression for each new day with the dawn. It is a meditative practice with a visual creation of that moment and that day. Next day she wipes away yesterday’s and begins a new one. Don’t you think she has breakfast to prepare, children to ready for the day, and a husband to please? Instead, she takes this time to connect with the sunrise and connect with herself to draw out today’s beautiful design. It is a blessing on the house, a blessing to the family, and a blessing to her own soul.
Let’s learn from this.