Year of the Black Water Snake

Sunday, the Chinese New Year, is the beginning of the Year of the Black Water Snake. This year is in a water cycle, and the color related to water is black. Information for people born in the year of the Snake is slightly different than what is predicted for the year in general. I have heard this will be a year for change, but let me show you what the Chinese astrologers have to say online (

This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. The snake is a studious creature. Preferring quiet predictability to ruckus and mayhem. During the 2013 Snake year be prepared to feel like you are on shaky ground. Not quite settled. Out of the blue realizations create major change. It makes for super tense times. But also creates movement and growth. Deep transformation and healing are often represented by the Snake. Slowly we begin to see the reasons for things, we understand the root cause of some dysfunction. Just like the snake, slowly we shed our skin. We become shiny and new as we acknowledge and release the past.
Be extra careful with your work this 2013 year of the black Snake. Signing documents of any kind requires very thorough attention. 2013 horoscope predict it is a good year to begin important detail work. Research and investigation are supported. The Snake has sneaky energy that can be to your advantage. Look for the holes in the loop. Create a safe space to work. The Snake likes protection, needs to feel safe and secure to utilize its special analytical skills. This is the year to make headway in slow and methodical ways. Things will definitely be accomplished as you focus forward.
There is no need to put yourself out there. Consider this 2013 year to focus within. You won’t be drawn to social situations as you are more interested in serious progress not superficial chit chat. Allow yourself withdrawal as it is necessary to self reflect and ponder situations.
Expect a true release of past blockages this 2013 year. Slow and steady wins the race in 2013 year of Snake.”

Yeah! This is the perfect time to meditate and delve deeply into your personal process. Change is in the air–