What’s Wrong With Your Brain

“I have finally discovered what’s wrong with my brain: on the left side, there is nothing right, and on the right side, there is nothing left.”
I don’t have the origin of this quote, but I love it. Maybe this is why my brain didn’t provide me with the answers in my journey to discover my self. It is always good to use reasoning and common sense but overthinking can be a pitfall. Don’t we all know that mental spinning around a problem that just leaves us confused and agitated and still undecided of which way to turn?
Meditation that comes from the heart can connect us to the truth of ourselves. You can trust insights that arise from your own energy because you connect directly to a knowing that goes beyond anything your brain could figure out. Your ability to listen internally grows as your inner voice learns to speak with more authority. That’s a powerful combination and something that arises as a benefit to your meditation practice.
In the spirit of paying attention to the details, learn to listen carefully to your inner voice. You will find guidance, but more importantly, you can discover the truth of who you are.