Thoughts from Rhonda:

Alice has been my teacher for long before either of us knew about it. As she stood beside me everyday at yoga for almost 10 years, through failed relationships, failed business ventures, and even spiritual quests gone awry, I believe without her even knowing, she was helping me through it all. I can’t say a lot of conversation passed between us.  I can’t say we knew each other well. I can say I liked being around her and I knew there was something about her that was grounding for me. When I finally accepted her invitation to come to her meditation class, it didn’t take long for me realize this was where I needed to be. Alice has spent many, many years working to cultivate the extraordinary energy that she brings to her group and individual sessions. Explaining a personal experience of inner cultivation is a difficult thing. For me, I can say I know who I was before I met Alice and I know who I’ve become because of the gifts she has brought to my life.  I am a work in progress as most of us are. I often wish I had met her sooner, but I know going to the place of what ifs is not a productive one. I am just grateful to have her on my journey now. She creates a safe space for so many — to learn and grow. Her ability to turn the light on and create insight into areas where we are blocked or blinded, oftentimes without even mentioning a word of it is uncanny. She would never label herself any kind of therapist or healer and the terms are so overused and abused using it here would diminish what she has on offer. The best way I can explain it is that Alice creates opportunities for you to discover your inner core and its authentic solidity. I believe you will find that translates into innumerable possibilities in your outer world.  -Rhonda Geraci