Things Change

taosymbolIs it too soon for another monk story? Is it ever too soon for another monk story?:
A Tao master and two of his young disciples were on a walk and came to a fast moving stream.
“How shall we cross?”, asked the students.
“When I was your age”, said the master, “I took a running start and jumped to the other side.”
The students looked at each other perplexed but decided to try. The first boy ran as fast as he could and leaped but came up well short of the other side and fell into the cold water. The second boy also tried but he too could not reach the other side and fell into the water. After they got out of the water they said,
“How is it master, that you could jump so far and get across?”
The master replied, “Yes, I could do it. Of course when I was your age, the stream was much narrower.” The master then proceeded to walk across some rocks in the stream to reach the other side.

Things change, thus strategies must change. What worked yesterday may not be the right approach for today. The Tao flows one way and then another. Always be ready to adjust to the shifting tides.