The Journey Home

7"SQ2COLORIf I haven’t seen you since I returned from India this past fall, I should tell you that it was an incredible trip. India needs to be experienced because it is very difficult to describe the many layers of sensation there. A friend invited me on this trip, so the itinerary was already set, not necessarily what I would choose to do or see. I enjoyed the palaces, forts and other historic sites even if I would have preferred seeking out temples and sacred places. Even so, I could feel the devotional nature of the people everywhere.

Back home, trying to settle back to life here, I have felt compelled to continue reading about India. I stumbled upon a book, The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami, who is a Hare Krishna guru who recounts his long, winding journey to find his teacher. After spending a summer in Europe in the late 60’s, his urge to connect with spirit led him across land to India to live with sadhus. This was not a journey for the feint hearted, and I was touched by his dedication to seek until he found the path where he could commit for a lifetime. The devotion he saw in the Hindu sages he encountered and the devotion he exhibited in his own path are an inspiration to me. You may be touched and amazed by his tale.

Those of us dedicated as students of the Teacher have chosen a middle way. To live a conventional life without renouncing the world yet still maintaining our discipline and devotion is often very hard. Many people meditate for the health benefits, mental and physical, and that’s enough, but if you are one who feels a yearning to connect to something deeper, then it’s wise to find guidance. It’s a good time to reflect, to remember, if you have that desire, often beginning in childhood. If so, have you found that one spiritual connection worthy of your life’s work?