Tao Te Ching Verse

26x26_2Verse 44 – Tao Te Ching
Fame or self: Which matters more?
Self or wealth: Which is more precious?
Gain or loss: Which is more painful?

He who is attached to things will suffer much.
He who saves will suffer heavy loss.

A contented man is never disappointed.
He who knows when to stop does not find himself in trouble.
He will stay forever safe.
☆Gia Fu-Feng and Jane English
It’s kind of odd that I have not yet shared any passages from the Tao Te Ching. They are wonderfully simple, often going directly the heart of some truth. However, I have to confess that too often I find them preachy in that they state the obvious without acknowledging how hard that very simple idea can be to live. Let me know what you think, but I find this excerpt a good expression of acceptance. Whenever you really desire, you open that opportunity for disappointment– let it go, guys, just accept where you are, what you have, and how it all unfolds.