Meditation Classes – Basic Info

Group Meditations

Each meeting will be a different group with whom to meditate. There is no set format to the class; instead we will flow with who arrives and what arises.
Try to arrive on time, but if you arrive and the meditation has started, quietly find a place to sit and join in. We will begin each session with a meditation, but we will take a break to relax and get acquainted.
Group Meditations will no longer be scheduled as a regular weekly event.
Starting in August 2017, at the beginning of each month a new schedule will be posted here in the weekly emails and also on the google calendar.

Intro Sessions will no longer be required for students beginning to meditate with us. I do ask someone new to let me know they plan to attend and to arrange to come early for some brief explanations. Email me at
The fee for 1.5 hour group meditation is an amount of your choosing between $15- $30.
The fee for a 2 hour special event session is $25.
The fee for a session for yourself is $60/hr. or $30 per person for a small group.
You can pay via this Paypal link:
You can also pay with cash, check, or credit card.
Don’t let your inability to pay keep you from coming, but please let me know if there are any weeks when you are unable to make a payment.
Schedule a Session for yourself or a small group
There isn’t enough time in the group environment to address everything you may need. If you can’t get to the group sessions, it can be good to schedule a private or small group session to boost your practice or allow healing for your self.
 I am always open to scheduling a group meditation session. Gather a group of friends to meditate and practice our energy work with each other. It can boost your practice and be lots of fun.

You may want to schedule a session for yourself privately. This can add another dimension to your practice or can help in difficult times. It will help with healing and balancing– you always leave feeling better. 

Schedule a Session for Your Home, Work Space or Your Pet

My background as an architect, paired with 30 years of spiritual practice, gives me an unique ability to read your environment. My style of Feng Shui (as I learned from Leong Tan) addresses imbalances in the energies within a space and between the people using a space. I can suggest ways to create a better flow for harmony, or I can give advice about the location for an altar, or we can just redesign and rearrange if you’d like. For pet issues, I can facilitate communication between you and your dog.
The fee for an hour session is $60.