Never Lie to Yourself

The idea of being honest with yourself came up recently. The initial question was: how can meditation help you in moments of confusion? There are times when it seems the very ground beneath you is shifting. It can be hard even to settle into meditation, much less find the peace to gain insight. And yet, my experience has shown me that it is in these very moments that the most healing can occur, often through meditation. The situation which triggered this challenge in itself holds some clues and even keys to unraveling your history and your deepest core issues.

You have to be honest with yourself. If you sit to meditate but can’t get settled and keep thinking “I can’t sit”, “nothing is happening”, “I need to be doing other things”, this is a moment to stop and honestly feel exactly the depth of this discomfort. Ask yourself some questions, and be honest. Why am I unsettled? What is this feeling? But why? Then keep asking the questions that lie beneath those very answers. Chances are that the first explanation to arise isn’t the whole story. Pay close attention to the feeling of each thought, being honest about underlying meanings. Trust the process since it is being guided by your own inner self. Be willing to completely surrender. After all, you are only surrendering to your self.

Often we hide places of pain and trauma, even from ourselves. Honesty is the first step to finding the truth of who you are, uncovering the wonder of you can be. Never lie to yourself.