Mudra Meditation

Even though we don’t use directed mudras in our daily practice, this can be a good exercise to practice. Having a series of mudras to focus your attention is a good way to get started when you find it difficult to sit, get distracted, or find yourself thinking too much to relax. As you rotate through the 16 positions, you will have touched on all the major areas of circulation for energy in the body. These directions are meant as guidance after you have been shown the mudras. If I haven’t shown you this practice and you are interested, please ask so we can do it in class.




Take a reverent bow, hands in prayer position in front of you

Move slowly between mudras and try to hold each position for a minute, or more:

1) Earth Mudra: put your hands over your knees with fingertips facing the ground

2) Lower Backbone: bring up the left hand into a soft fist in front of your solar plexus

3) Upper Backbone: bring up the right hand in a soft fist and place it on top of the left

4) Circulation of Heart Energies: move hands to a position with the left over the right, thumbs touching, and slide down into your lap

5) Balancing Yin and Yang: raise the left hand up the body, turning palm over, to a position that is holding a ball of energy with the right one in your lap

6) Throat Chakra: slowly bring palms together in a prayer position with the thumbs extended outward and bring up to a position where the thumbs point at the throat chakra

7) Heart Chakra: lower your hand position to a place where the thumbs point at the heart chakra

8) Crown Chakra: bring thumbs into the hand and raise hands to a position over the head

9) Root Chakra: lower the hands in prayer as far down as they can go comfortably and then rotate them to face the ground and continue lowering them to your base

10) Heavenly Source: open palms facing upward and raise arms slightly to the side, palms to the heavens

11) Our Source: bring hands together with left under the right, thumbs touching, lowering until the palms are over the dantien

12) Heavenly Eye: bring hands together as you lean forward into a prayer position and raise up to the third eye

13) Gold-Water, Earthly Elements: lower hands down to the knees bringing left middle finger to touch the thumb, right hand resting open on the right knee– this is gold touching water

14) Heaven-Sun, Celestial Elements: bring right middle finger to touch the thumb before releasing the left position– now left remains open on the left knee– this is sun touching heaven

15) Surrender: release the fingers on the right hand and leave both palms facing up resting on your knee

16) Earth Mudra: turn palms over so that the fingers are facing the ground, as in the beginning

Again take a reverent bow, hands in prayer position, just as in the beginning

Rub your palms together rapidly, then place them over your face so you can breath in your own essence. You can repeat twice more.