Beginner Information

We meditate whether we know it or not.  Everyone can meditate. It’s a natural human condition. You can approach meditation is many different ways: prayer is a form of meditation, quiet contemplation can be meditative, or you can intentionally seek an internal connection to your self and the divine. With dedication, our meditation practice can be used as a tool for personal growth and life transformation.

Learning to meditate can be the beginning of a spiritual journey.  As we pay respect to the self and allow it the time to awaken and express what’s been dormant, we can be surprised by what we learn about our own self.  As you sit with yourself, an energy begins to arise in the base of your spine and it spirals up through the top of your head to make a connection above.  That is the union of heaven, earth and self.

As your own energy circulates and opens pathways that have been blocked or lying dormant, new sensations and insights can happen.  In Sum Faht meditation, we learn to harmonize and flow with these energies as they arise and awaken.  It is a life long practice with learnings that never end.  Come, start your own process . . .To find out more about this meditation, go to the Beginner’s Talk.