Let Go


I know this sounds like a platitude. Seems like each of you already know this, at least the idea of it. Truly, it is a very advanced and difficult practice to live. You have heard so much encouragement for growing internal strength, building belief and trust in who you are and what you are about. It is important to truly know your self so you can discern what to embrace and what to discard. After all that, you will no longer need those definitions of who you are in the world, and you will only need to live with the essence that has become you. I don’t know anyone who willingly lets go of what they are or what they have. It’s often a heart wrenching and soul searching process which leaves you with nothing. Nothing really does feel like nothing. Once you experience that, now you can be anything or everything. Think of it this way: if you are only the person you think you are, you are small indeed. When/if you can be open to anything and everything, then you can be immense. Strange, isn’t it?