Intown Retreats 2015

FIRST WEEKEND: May 1 + 2, 2015
SECOND WEEKEND: August 7 + 8, 2015
THIRD WEEKEND: November 6 + 7, 2015 CANCELLED
This is an opportunity for those of you who are ready to go deeper, as well as for those of you who want to continue to expand your practice. This year I will be having a local retreat for a half weekend for those of you who have found it hard to get away to the mountains. Now is your chance to experience a deeper trust in the energies at work within you and around you.
Each time we will stay in Atlanta: meet on Friday evening 7 -9, Saturday 10 -4 (with a break for lunch) and finish with a celebration dinner at our house Saturday night. As a retreat, we won’t be doing the same activities we often do in regular classes. We are likely to have an outing, weather permitting, so that we can explore the energies around us in nature. Each of you will also delve deeper into your own energy patterns. The retreats in the series will build on each other, so without the first one, permission will be needed.
The fee for each of these retreats is $100– make a $50 deposit now.
If you haven’t attended either of the previous intown retreat weekends but have an interest in the next one, contact me at