If Not Now, When?


You all know this quote from Rabbi Hillel. I hesitate to use it because it is a book title by Primo Levi and song lyrics also. I suppose it wouldn’t be so often used if it didn’t have such powerful resonance for all humankind. Consider it today without the political reference, and instead think of the message for one’s self.
If you do not make your self a priority, no one else will. If you do not do it now, then when will you start? Do you let others’ desires come before your own; or perhaps you overextend to please and fix others?
The only reason we cultivate ourselves spiritually is to become strong enough to be of service to others; thus, “if I am only for myself, what am I?” But before you can reach out, you have to be strong enough internally that you don’t lose who you are and what you are in the midst of chaos and turmoil. Know the difference of when you are to stand up for your own self and when you are able to reach out to help others.