Happy Chinese New Year

yearOfTheHorse2d34899e2e647HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE WOOD (or Green) HORSE

2014 is a Universal Year 7, Year of the Wood Horse:

The Wood Horse is likely to test your life structures and draw your attention to any gap that exists between the vast fertile fields of your creative imagination and the life you’re living.
The 2014 Wood Horse Year will light up your passion (including its obstacles, which the Horse takes as hurdles on a track), and put you through your paces to test the structural limits of your dreams and realities. Where dream meets reality here and now, as well as further down the track, that’s what a Green Horse sets its sights on.
The Horse is a fiery creature, headstrong and yet sensitive, ultra-relational, yet ultra-free, and this year tests you to learn how both sides of you can feed rather than destroy each other. Where personal freedom enhances relationship you’ll be given a horse’s go-ahead to speed down the track. Where personal freedom conflicts with relationship you’ve got some buckling down and cleaning up to do.
In 2014 we’re being taken for quite a ride by the Green Horse’s need to stretch far and wide into the fullest life territory you can rightfully claim as your own. This means issues of boundaries, borders and broad expanses will come up repeatedly, to challenge your ability to run free as well as settle down. How do borders and boundaries combine with freedom and dreams? That’s what we must explore in the coming year. Like humans the Horse is a contradictory animal, and must learn to steer a course that is seldom straight and narrow, but more often runs on paradox. Until you gain inner spiritual strength from wrestling with this paradox, you’re likely to remain driven by false riders who dig their spurs into your ribs and take you places you don’t really need to go.
The gates of your 2014 gallop will get thrown open to passion, desire, mischief , contradiction and rebellion, as you wrestle with freedom versus passion, bridling at the irony of yourself and others. The test at hand in this 7 Year is to draw you into challenges than can teach you if your rebelliousness has deeper motivation and service in it, rather than just acting out to gain attention. (Mark Borax, Soul Level Astrology)