Entertaining a Seabird

Here’s another tale of learning from the sages:

Entertaining A Seabird:
    In ancient China, a disciple was talking with his teacher. “Master,” said the disciple, “It is said that all you really need to know in dealing with people is to simply always treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. What do you think?”
    “Let me tell you about how the Marquis of Lu entertained the seabird,” the Master responded.
    “One day a rare and beautiful seabird was blown far off course by a storm. It came to earth in the capital of Lu. The Marquis of Lu was delighted, and made the seabird his special guest. He had performers sing and dance for it day and night, and he presented it with fine roast meats and excellent wine. But the bird was terrified and confused, and it ate and drank nothing. After three days it died.”
    “The Marquis of Lu entertained the seabird the way he liked to be entertained, not the way a seabird likes to be entertained.”
So the Golden Rule should really be to treat others in ways that honor the truth and essence of their being. Try doing the same for your self as well.