Do Your Part

26x26_3 It’s an oldie but a good one, even if you know it. Story from the archives:

The rains were coming and the waters were rising. The authorities came by in their jeep to help all the neighbors evacuate, but this man wanted to stay saying God would protect him. The waters kept coming in, so he went up to the second floor. Again, they came in their boat to help him, but again he refused to leave saying God would protect him. More water, and so he went up onto the roof. Soon the helicopter came to lift him out, but he turned them away saying his faith was unshaken and God would protect him. Finally, the waters overtook the whole house and he drowned. As he appeared before God, he asked God what happened, “I believed you would save me but I drowned?” God replied, “Who do you think sent the jeep, the boat, and the helicopter?”

Faith and belief are beautiful and powerful forces, but don’t forget to be practical. We live within the laws of physics and society, so make sure you are realistic about what you are facing and what you are wanting. Sometimes you sit and wish for it to fall into your lap and then wonder why things in your life aren’t coming together. Start with the basics- the things you can do- and see where you can go from there. We can pray we will be safe in a car crash, but we wear seat belts. Do your part first and then you can have faith that it will turn out well.