Current Thoughts 1.25.13

Just last week our son, Aaron, left for a major adventure. He’s off to the wilds of Patagonia in Chile for three months. During this time he’ll have no communication– no cell, no email, no internet, nada– but more importantly, he will be challenging himself physically, mentally, and spiritually while climbing on the high altitude glaciers, packing in the remote mountains, and sea kayaking in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) semester program, and he left ready to embrace whatever he could learn.
Not so many of us ever have an opportunity to face our selves so directly. I hope you can name a time in your life when you looked squarely at something apparently insurmountable, and came through it stronger and wiser. You may not have chosen that experience, but chances are you look back now at that time as pivotal and life changing.  It is a common truism that the greatest learning often arises from the most difficult hardships.
Meditation can offer the same journey of self discovery. Surrendering and connecting to our inner self can open a process of facing our demons and shortcomings to gain understanding and compassion. Your own regular meditation practice can become your most important healing tool.