Beginners Talk

Sum Faht Meditation

Our meditation practice is predominantly Taoist, which means that we seek to harmonize and flow with our own energies and the energies that surround us. We seek to understand nature, whether an internal or an external nature. Patience may be necessary at the beginning but as your connection grows you will be rewarded with  changes in your self.  We blend this Taoist practice with Buddhist understanding and Confucian practicality.

To begin, we simply put our hands into prayer and take a bow. This bow isn’t a kowtow to any unknown, or specific, god or deity; it is a respect to the internal self with which we are about to connect. Some people refer to this internal self as the Godself, or the soul, or that still, small voice within. It’s all the same, and it’s all yours. Then you can just relax your hands on your lap with palms up in a surrender position. Now you just surrender to the self which has been waiting for you to allow this time. At first, you will have thoughts, but just let them float by. Don’t engage with them. Don’t add to the grocery list. The more you relax, the less you ask if you are meditating now, the more the meditation can grow.

Our practice doesn’t use a mantra (repeated tone internally) or a mudra (a specific hand position) to focus and awaken our energies. You can bring an awareness to your breathe, moving in and out, as a way to focus and quiet the mind. As your connection grows, you can let go of that particular focus and follow the energies as they arise within. Meditating with the group can help with understanding these internal workings. The group can enhance your meditation experience and we learn from others who are experiencing their own growth. Spiritual cultivation is an individual, personal journey but it is great to be able to share that journey with others.

To find out how to get started with meditation at alicefranklinstudio, read the Before You Begin page.