Another Holiday Treat



As another holiday treat I will share some more wisdom from our Teacher, Wong Loh Sin See. This was first recorded in 1989— 

My dear friend, Elizabeth Lynch, is a long time student of the Teacher. For years she faithfully took fully transcribed notes of every class she attended, both in Atlanta and at the Wonderland retreats. These are not short reminder notes for herself, but detailed, verbatim records of all his words, as well as descriptions of our exercises and formations. She has volumes of these records. She recently sent me a passage from the past and has allowed me to share it with you as a holiday gift.

We must have faith and belief in order to connect there (Heaven). We must have faith and belief in ourselves in order to connect here (Earth). Feeling reverence for ourselves in meditation is really touching the best side of ourselves. By believing in yourself you are giving spirit the credence to grow. By believing in the greater energy (God) it gives ourselves a stronger connection, where we receive a lot of assistance. The more we believe in God the more we will be cared for and guided. It encompasses the self and the spirit in us. If we go forward with a lot of expectation, we can be disappointed. But if we go forward in no expectation… there can be peace.

I feel I can hear the words spoken as if I am there. These ideas are the same ones we still talk about over and over again. Nothing new, but profound nonetheless. And a real treat– Happy New Year!