Why I Meditate

When I first began to meditate, even before I knew it was meditation, I had no goals. It just felt good, and I found myself sitting with my self just because it happened in quiet moments. I allowed the time for those good feelings to take over and grow. Once I knew that was “meditation” and it was something with benefits, I wanted to quiet the chatter in my brain. I don’t mean chatter during meditation. I mean chatter constantly during the day, weighing this side and that side of an interaction, an event that occurred, or just whatever troubled me. It was a lot and it meant I didn’t sleep well. I just kind of thought meditation might help but didn’t know if it really would.

Meditation can help make changes but it takes time. It’s important to be patient and be amazed at the smallest differences. Changes within ourselves can be subtle, and often our only measure comes after the fact. Sometimes you see a different reaction to a similar event. Sometimes you realize you can’t remember the last time you had that unwanted feeling or behavior. I can encourage your practice and help you see changes, but know that it’s the practice that you put in which makes the difference. Please be excited by your growth and also be patient– remain committed for the long haul.

I can say that once again I have no goals. I meditate without thinking of why; it’s just a good thing in my life. I can accept that changes occur without me having to know what happened or how it happened. My mind and being are quiet now, but I have yet to remove the worry completely. As our Teacher says, “The work is never ending. It lasts a lifetime.”  and I say, “ As long as we draw breath, we have the opportunity to change.”